Day 4 Action-packed Phuket

Wildlife Sanctuary

Students experienced the recent conversion to ‘ethical elephant tourism’ through alternative activities to elephant trekking & elephant shows which includes elephant bathing, elephant food preparation & feeding and river play. A fish filled waterfall was a delightful end point of a short jungle walk. Student stretched their comfort zone in a supportive team environment during the bumpy river rafting. The day ended with final reflection evening with a ‘12 task team challenge’ and ‘attitude of gratitude’ session.

imran pounding pumpkin, banana, sticky rice, rice bran and salt for elephants' lunch
Imran pounding pumpkin, banana, sticky rice, rice bran and salt for elephants’ lunch
Erin, Jia Wen and Nirrmal working hard for the elephants' lunch
Erin, Jia Wen and Nirrmal working hard for the elephants’ lunch
Zhang Yang feeding prepared food to Daniel the elephant
Zhang Yang feeding prepared food to Daniel the elephant
Hasham and Lilian skinning off sugarcane
Hasham and Lilian skinning the sugarcane
Erin feeding her new found friend
Erin feeding her new found friend

Day 3 Phuket’s tale

After an eco-Tuesday, Wednesday is set out to explore Thai’s economy & culture with demonstration farm, temple, factory and the evening spectacular ‘Siam Niramit’ culture show.

Local Village Phuket farm

Students experienced former methods of rubber harvesting and natural rubber sheet production, bullock riding, Thai cooking, rice milling, monkey domestication and coconut collection. We were farewelled with delicious coconut rice skewers & fresh pineapple.

Cashew nut factory

After a pleasant Thai buffet lunch and duty free shopping, students witnessed the painstaking process of cashew production – including extracting them from the shell, baking them to a specific temperature and roasting them just right, unlocking all the flavors without overpowering or burning it. There were also opportunities for us to sample various local products; from flavoured nuts to dried fruits and dried squids.

Nirrmal and friends listening tentatively to the process in production of cashew nut
Nirrmal and friends listening tentatively to the process in production of cashew nut

Wat Chalong

The rain dampened our Wat Chalong visit, but our enthusiastic guides were able to guide some reflection on the values & beliefs being expressed by architecture, symbols and rituals.

Siam Niramit Cultural Show

After a delectable buffet dinner, students are entertained with a 80-minute stunning theatrical on the Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom that showcases the history, custom and cultural treasures that have descended through centuries in Thailand.

Day 2 Eco-Phuket

Koh Kapu in Phang Nga Bay

Morning bus across the bridge to mainland Thailand to ride long tail boats through the sheer limestone cliffs that jut vertically out of the emerald-green water to Koh Kapu (or more commonly known as James Bond island) in Phang Nga Bay. Explored the spectacular island and continued the boat ride to Koh Panyee (or more commonly referred to as Muslim floating fishing)

group photo james bond island

Koh Panyee

Uncovered the history of Koh Panyee fishing village and reflected on the participation of local community in sustainable development of the area. After a local seafood lunch feast, the bus headed for the mangrove rehabilitation area for students to carry out their service and action activity.

koh pan yee

Baan Tadindang Mangrove

Boots up, glide in. Armed with baby mangrove each, students took up the challenge to step into the sea of mud to plant the baby tsunami stoppers. Through this activity, students are once again reminded of the theme of this expedition – Sustainable Ecological Tourism.

Finally, back to hotel for showers, dinner and open mic reflection session on Ecotourism.

Day 1 Phuket Paradise

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for all your well wishes! We landed at Phuket earlier today according to the timing below. It was a smooth journey on board and smooth transition to the hotel through well-arranged and planned ground transport.

Arrival time:

JB Group


MH1034 6.30am-7.20am


MH786 9.20am-9.45am


KL Group


MH794 12.55pm-1.20pm

*Local time in Phuket

Upon arrival we started our activities for today. Stated below briefly.

Afternoon: Arrival

Lunch: During journey (Lunch Box)

Early evening: Visit to Promthep Cape and Sea Gypsy Village at Rawai Beach

*Promptep Cape is well known for its picturesque cape & lookout point known for its stunning sea views, especially at sunset.


*Rawai holds the distinction of being the very first tourist beach on Phuket.


Evening: Dinner at Hotel.

Late evening: Reflection session



Penang Group is yet to arrive. We will keep parents posted on updates.

ETA for Penang Group in Phuket is at 8.30pm (local time)

For any emergencies please contact: +66(0) 806475383(Mr Andrew)

 66 (0) 806485058 (Ms Yashene)